MHWC has been family owned and operated for more than 40 years and three generations.

It started in 1978 when Robert Hannan, Sr. and his wife, Betty, started Material Handling Wholesale Corporation in Schaumburg, Illinois. The vision was to create one of the biggest salvage yards for forklifts in the nation. The goal was to offer businesses an economical solution for material handling needs.

In 1994 they moved the business to Elgin, Illinois in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. At this new, expanded location MHWC still offered refurbished forklifts and parts to their customers at value prices.

The Hannan family has been the sole owners and operations of MHWC. Under the leadership of Robert Hannan, Jr., MHWC has continued the vision of his parents. The third generation of the Hannan family have joined the business with his sons learning the family trade.

We look forward to the next 30 years of providing our customers with the best equipment and parts at affordable prices.

Here's a look at the people that make up Material Handling Wholesale Corporation.

Global reach

We don't just ship across the continental United States, we ship worldwide.

These are just some of the overseas locations MHWC has shipped trucks or parts to.

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